Jonathan Treiber

Jonathan Treiber

Jonathan Treiber is CEO of Revtrax, an offer management platform who works with clients such as Express and Men’s Wearhouse.

Email Acquisition is the New Directive in the Post-Cookie Era

For brands and retailers, email has always been important. Since the inception of e-commerce, email has remained the No. 1 conduit for one-to-one communication between companies and their customers. Over time, however, it has become easy for brands and retailers to take this communication channel for granted — but the days of resting on laurels…

The Promo Calendar is Dead. Long Live the Promo Calendar.

The retail promotional calendar is how almost every retailer has planned for, managed and executed its seasonal promotions and discount activities. There’s just one big problem with this approach: it doesn’t work. It isn’t well-suited for today’s retail industry, and hasn’t been for some time. The entire landscape is changing at a faster pace, and…

Redefine Loyalty Programs Beyond Traditional Offers

Much has been written on the topic of loyalty and the use of promotional offers to both acquire and retain customers. The difficulty with the statistics is that most customers join and stay in a loyalty program because they receive special discounts, coupons, and other offers. For example, Kohl’s loyalty program proudly gives customers a…

10 Ways to Protect Your Brand From Coupon Fraud

When executed properly, printable coupon campaigns can be an incredibly cost-effective way to drive customer acquisition and traffic into stores. When executed incorrectly, printable coupons can cause problems across an entire organization.