Jonathan Crane

Jonathan Crane

Jonathan Crane is Chief Commercial Officer at IPsoft, a conversational computing company.

3 Ways AI Will Shape the Future of Retail

Retail has had to evolve quickly to keep up with the rise of e-commerce. It hasn’t been the smoothest transition. Foot traffic in malls has halted, department stores have closed up shop, and many smaller stores, once anchored by larger establishments, have been left without a safety net. How can retailers succeed in this environment?…

Empowering Your Retail Staff With AI

These days, the retail industry is grappling with “Amazonitis.” has disrupted virtually every sector in the retail market, from food to fashion. In order to survive, retailers, particularly brick-and-mortar businesses, have to give people a reason to come to their stores. They must create a distinctive customer experience, and to that end, they should…