Johan Bostrom

Johan Bostrom

Johan Bostrom is the co-founder and chief strategy officer of InRiver, a provider of SaaS product information management (PIM) solutions. 

Handling the Fallout From the Retailer Returns Freeze

With countrywide COVID-19 guidelines in place, online retail has grown faster than expected. Data from North American retailers shows that online purchasing was up an average of 56 percent over the same period in 2019. Some have even seen a 300 percent increase during the pandemic. The sharp rise in online shopping is bound to lead…

Why Product Information Management is Fundamental to Omnichannel Success

B-to-B organizations aren't immune to the omnichannel trends impacting the B-to-C space. A recent inRiver survey found that 80 percent of B-to-B organizations are facing more competition than five years ago, requiring companies to transform and deliver experiences that stand out from the crowd. However, something is hindering businesses from achieving this. The amount of…