Jim Dempsey

Jim Dempsey

Jim Dempsey is Director of US Business Development and Partnerships at Panasonic North America. Panasonic is a leading technology partner to businesses and governments, at the forefront of everything from electric batteries to smart cities to high-tech stadium experiences.

How Mobile Devices Will Alleviate Supply Chain Headaches This Holiday Season

Retailers are hyperfocused on preparing for the holiday rush. In 2020, e-commerce spending in the U.S. was in overdrive, with the pandemic boosting online sales by $183 billion — the equivalent of an extra holiday season in the same year. In 2021, experts predict that e-commerce sales will continue to rise, leaving retailers with the…

Planning to Invest in Software-Driven Tools

As each industry grapples with the effects of the ongoing pandemic, the retail industry has been impacted by a number of changes to consumer buying behaviors that will likely last for years to come. With health and safety concerns enduring, brick-and-mortar retailers are seeing declining foot traffic. For example, in the third week of March…