Jessica Richards

Jessica Richards

Jessica is the EVP, Head of Commerce at Havas Media Group in North America running the Havas Market team. Her remit is helping brands create better shopping experience for consumers, allowing them to find products easier and buy more seamlessly, whether through direct-to-consumer strategies, via eRetailers or in store experiences. She is knowledgeable in all facets of marketing from traditional media, digital trading, social strategy, emerging tech and data management. 

Prior to leading the commerce practice, Jessica launched the Social practice at Havas Media in 2014. Managing the business for six years and driving significant growth during her tenure. Jessica prides herself on a nimble, entrepreneurial approach to staying on top of an ever-changing market.  

Her insight covers a vast majority of industries including highly dynamic and regulated brands within Retail, Entertainment, Spirits, Financial Services, Insurance, Pharma, Telecommunications, and Technology.

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