Jeremy Tillman

Jeremy Tillman

Jeremy Tillman is the president of Ghostery, a browser extension that makes consumers’ web browsing experiences faster, cleaner and safer by detecting and blocking thousands of third-party data-tracking technologies.

How Online Tracking and Bloated Ad Tech Impact the Customer Experience

The retail landscape is more crowded than ever. Nearly every day, a new brand pops up seeking consumer attention and buy-in across the globe, and this intense competition has fostered some questionable practices in the world of digital advertising. Hungry for impressions, retailers and online brands have invested billions into powerful advertising technology with the…

Are Retailers Using Ad Trackers at the Expense of Consumer Privacy?

Consumers spent a record $6.59 billion this Cyber Monday, more than double the amount spent in 2016. This included an exponential increase in year-over-year online purchasing. And while retailers bask in the afterglow of a successful holiday season, consumers have been unknowingly left in the lurch. Despite massive profits, some of the most frequented e-commerce…