Jenn Markey

Jenn Markey
Amazon, Google and the Battle for Marketplace Dominance

Freed from the shackles of traditional in-store retail, online retailers have a unique ability to develop new models that revolutionize the industry. There's no better proof than the power of the e-commerce store to offer an endless shelf. And, as has proven, the most effective, fastest and least risky way to build out this…

Predicting Holiday 2016: Products, Pricing and Curated Lists

Holiday shopping in 2016 will be bigger than ever, but will it be better? There are a series of emerging retail trends that are destined to become mainstream this season thanks to increasing competition, promotional addiction of retailers and shoppers alike, and unsustainable direct price competition.

Winning In-Store Begins Online

The explosive growth of e-commerce, largely powered by mobile and social technologies, is eviscerating traditional retail models, leaving many well-established retailers and brands struggling to remain relevant to today’s shoppers. A relatively common retail misconception is that “since all or the clear majority of my sales occur in-store, I don’t really need to worry about…

Zones Mean Dollars in an Omnichannel World

Zone pricing can be the missing link between e-commerce sites and brick-and-mortar stores. Retailers need the benefit of regional pricing intelligence to compete more effectively on a local basis. If retailers elect not to employ zone pricing, they need to consider that many of their competitors do — compromising their own margins and conversion rates.