Jeff Snyder

Jeff Snyder

Jeff Snyder is the founder and chief inspiration officer at Inspira Marketing Group, an experiential marketing agency. 

3 Digital Strategies Experiential Should Adopt Right Now

As e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retailers adapt to a new world characterized by remote work and social distancing, they must cater to virtual audiences while preparing for the return of in-person customers. Fortunately, the techniques used by many leading brands can serve as a blueprint for effectively engaging people — no matter where they are. Before…

Hack the Amazon Search Bar With These 3 Ways to Boost Your Brand

Americans might not agree on much, but we all appear to love In less than 25 years, the retailer has captured almost half of all e-commerce sales and completely changed the way consumers shop. More than just simple convenience, Amazon has mastered personalization at scale through innovations in machine learning and its commitment to customer service.…