Jeanae DuBois

Jeanae DuBois

Jeanae DuBois, Chief Marketing Officer, Bitwise Industries

Jeanae DuBois is an accomplished marketing and branding leader with 20+ years in the industry. She joined Shift3 Technologies, a Bitwise Industries company, in September 2019. Now as CMO, she oversees global marketing strategy and a 30+ member integrated marketing team that executes on inbound and outbound marketing, campaign execution, branding, client development, public relations, corporate and community events and internal sales enablement.  

Prior to joining Bitwise Industries, Jeanae held multiple executive-level marketing positions, such as Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President with multiple mid- to large-sized advertising and marketing entities. Her first position she accepted out of college was with a fledgling marketing company which she helped grow in the span of eleven years. Jeanae herself grew and excelled from a client services executive to eventually Executive Vice President. During her tenure, that organization saw exponential growth becoming a recognizable market leader and expanded to four locations statewide.

Jeanae received her Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) focused in Marketing from California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo.

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