Jarrod Overson

Jarrod Overson

Jarrod Overson is Director of Engineering at Shape Security, a company that protects the world’s largest enterprises from all types of fraud against their online applications.

Jarrod Overson’s career has been one underscored by impact and ingenuity. As a software engineer at Napster, Jarrod developed and maintained distributed backend systems that allowed music to reach the masses. From there, he spent time teaching at JavaScriptU and then developing at OneHealthSolutions and RiotGames.

Jarrod’s expertise led him to work as a consultant for Gossamer Solutions, where his experience enabled him to train, speak, and consult for the modern web.

Jarrod’s path at Shape began as a Software Engineer Lead and then as Director of Engineering, where he led development of Shape’s Enterprise Defense.

Jarrod is a frequent speaker on modern web threats and cybercrime and has been quoted by Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, CNET among others. He co-authored O’Reilly’s Developing Web Components, created Plato and many other JavaScript analysis and reverse engineering tools, and frequently writes and records topics about reverse engineering and more.

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