Jan Nugent

Jan Nugent

An ecommerce visionary and pioneer, Jan Nugent has been at the forefront of developing scalable, multi-tenant ecommerce systems and innovative monetization strategies since the onset of the ecommerce revolution. His leadership and data-driven approach to both global business strategy and technology platform development has generated billions in revenue.

At Branded Online, Jan has built a culture of teamwork fueled by self-empowerment and an organization perfectly poised to bring fashion into the light, and across the digital divide. Prior to Branded Online, most outsourced ecommerce systems used by fashion brands were built on outdated, and often-ineffective technology.

Before founding Branded Online, Jan most recently served as CEO at Gunnar Optics, transforming the revolutionary performance eyewear company from IP into a global, category-defining fashion brand through innovation in product design & merchandising, operational launch, significant revenue growth and Series A financing from Clarium Capital.

Using Data to Engage Consumers, Drive Revenue and Reduce Waste

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