Jack Jania

Jack Jania

Jack Jania is Vice President of Product Management and Innovation, at CPI Card Group, a payment technology company and leading provider of credit, debit and prepaid solutions. 

What Consumer Payments Innovation Means for Retailers

The trend toward cashless consumer payments has retailers preparing for an evolution at the point of sale (POS). With just 24 percent of Americans carrying cash on a regular basis, merchants will need to accommodate more convenient payment options to keep pace with evolving consumer preferences. A TSYS survey found that debit and credit cards…

The Truth and Complexities About EMV Certifications

As long as there's an existing perception that the transition to EMV has been a rocky one, there will always be scapegoats. Depending on critics’ preferred flavor of the week, responsibility for the hurdles to rapid market adoption may be placed (rightfully or not) on the shoulders of issuers, merchants, payment brands, processors, tech providers…