Indy Guha

Indy Guha

Indy Guha is senior vice president of marketing and alliances at Signifyd, a fraud protection company.

Tap Into the Power of Social Commerce, Part 3

Shoppable ads are just one part of the social media retail zeitgeist. The future of social shopping could give buyers more power. Instead of passively feeding data into an algorithm that decides what comes up in a social media display, consumers are seeing more options to make this kind of shopping truly personal through apps from startups that focus on social capital, loyalty programs and networking.

Tap Into the Power of Social Commerce, Part 2

Almost every social media platform has its own form of advertising, and not all of it is currently shoppable. However, the social shopping trend demands widespread shoppable ad functionality. Therefore, it’s imperative for e-commerce marketing leaders to become familiar with at least the heavy hitters in the shoppable ads game:

Tap Into the Power of Social Commerce, Part 1

Social shopping has taken off thanks to millennials and Generation Z’s preference for using their mobile devices for everything. Mobile e-commerce is booming, and being able to shop directly through social media-based ads is no exception. Social media is the most relevant advertising channel for 50 percent of Gen Z and 42 percent of millennial…