Henry Gutierrez

Henry Gutierrez

Henry Gutierrez is senior email strategist at Return Path, an email deliverability expert that helps marketers drive revenue through email.

Through different roles in the industry, Henry Gutierrez has 12-plus years of email expertise combating spam, enforcing compliance, and maximizing email delivery. His current position as Senior Email Strategist for Return Path allows him to leverage his strengths in data analytics and communication. Across several verticals, Henry has helped clients digest actionable recommendations to maximize their email program’s ROI.

Email Preferences Help Reduce Subscriber Churn

Research shows that the average unsubscribe rate for retailers is 0.27 percent per email. For a retailer with 1 million subscribers sending three emails per week, this means losing almost 350,000 email subscribers a year. And that’s only if you’re average. Factor in that acquisition costs much more than retention, and that should be reason…

Understanding New Email Subscribers Acquired During the Holidays

For 2018, Forrester estimated that U.S. online shopping would reach $151 billion. The holiday season was expected to see a 1.7 percent increase in spending. The holiday season is the most important time of the year for most retailers, filled with a great opportunity to engage current customers and acquire new ones. There's a common misconception…

Forcing Email List Acquisition Doesn’t Work

“We’re not sending email to enough people!” Heard that before? While “quality over quantity” is still the conventional wisdom, top-level management loves the big numbers. Unfortunately there’s no easy (or profitable) way to corner customers into giving up their email addresses. The quality of those addresses matters greatly. Let’s take a look at some metrics…