Heidi Orpilla

Heidi Orpilla

Heidi Orpilla is the Digital Content Specialist at Star Micronics, a leading supplier of small printers, audio components, high-precision machine tools, and precision parts, where she creates content about Star’s retail POS solutions for social media, the Star Micronics POS Blog, and more.

Star is proud to offer a wide range of solutions for retailers navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, including: the POSShield sneeze guard which is lightweight, portable, and does not require countertop mounting or drilling; tamper-proof labels to securely seal delivery, catering, and to-go food orders; CloudPRNT online ordering technology to help businesses quickly and easily leverage e-commerce; and more. To learn more, please visit the Star COVID-19 Toolbox here.

A Reopening Guide for Retailers

As vaccines continue to roll out and states begin to open up, many retailers will be opening their doors to the public again, perhaps for the first time since early last year. However, operations won’t return to 100 percent normal; after 2020, the customer experience will look a bit different. If you’re planning on reopening…

5 Must-Have Post-Pandemic Retail Technologies

The COVID-19 pandemic has quickly changed the retail industry as we know it. Due to this change, retail technology must rapidly adapt to best suit the post-pandemic world that we're entering. “Post-pandemic” doesn't necessarily mean that that the pandemic has entirely ended, however. It refers to a world forever changed by COVID-19, and using innovative…