Guy Yehiav

Guy Yehiav

As general manager of Zebra Analytics, Guy Yehiav is responsible for setting the organic and nonorganic growth, leadership strategy, and customer success for the Zebra Analytics business unit.

As a leader in enterprise AI solutions at the edge, with 25+ years of experience driving profits with data and IoT in the retail and the supply chain industries, Guy oversees the corporate strategy, direction and success of Zebra Analytics at Zebra Technologies. He was previously the CEO of Profitect, where he guided the company through multiple years of significant growth, including 182% revenue growth and 137% headcount growth from 2018-2019, before being acquired by Zebra Technologies. This was his second exit for his shareholders, after growing the Demantra supply chain optimization software company and selling it to Oracle. He has lead companies that keep complexity at the back end and simplicity at the front end, cultivating machine learning and smart decision-making based on data to deliver stellar results for customers.

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