Gil Larsen

Gil Larsen

Gil Larsen in the VP of the Americas for Blis, the global leader of location data technology.

3 Trends Luxury Brands Need to Adopt to Boost Foot Traffic This Holiday Season

This year, despite the pandemic, the U.S. saw strong growth across luxury retail brands. Kering, owner of Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, saw a 46 percent increase in Q1 sales, with online activity contributing significantly. While shopping shifted largely to online, the easing of restrictions now means many luxury customers are craving the experience of…

How Retailers Can Apply the Lessons of COVID-19 for an Omnichannel Future

Unsurprisingly, retailers saw a shift in consumer shopping behaviors in 2020. Stores experienced a dip in foot traffic as consumers adopted more online and hybrid shopping behaviors. Now, as customers make a return to in-store shopping, retailers will need to focus on new omnichannel business models that retain the elements of convenience that customers have…