Genelle Kunst

Genelle Kunst

Genelle Kunst is the Americas Head of Marketing for dotdigital, an online marketing company.

Consumers Take it Personally: How Retailers Can Respond

As we saw in part one of this article, consumers today want more personalized engagement. However, retailers can’t deliver on personalization without capturing better data that can help them improve the customer experience and keep shoppers engaged. So, while brands are working hard to gain customer confidence and acquire data, they’re stumbling at the final…

Consumers Take it Personally, But Retailers Lag Behind

No one could have predicted this year’s drastic shift in consumer behavior as shoppers were relegated to their homes, or that this behavior would solidify into habit even as lockdowns eased. Retail, of course, shifted online, as there was no other option for consumers. However, the magnitude of this e-commerce shift and the evidence that…