Gary Moskovciak

Gary Moskovciak

Gary is responsible for overseeing business and operations in the Americas Region of SML Group. He is also responsible for designing regional strategy and implementing comprehensive business plans in the region.

Walmart's RFID Mandate: A Prequel to Wider Retail Adoption

Earlier this year, Walmart issued a new mandate which required suppliers in certain departments to begin providing RFID tags, joining retailers such as Nordstrom in expanding its use of the technology. Having succeeded with its use of RFID for its apparel products, Walmart has told its suppliers that any brand supplying products for its home,…

The New Era of Retailing: Innovations and Predictions for the Future

For years the retail industry has experienced significant transformation in order to keep up with consumer demands and expectations, and while some have found success, others haven’t been nearly as lucky. Amidst a world-altering pandemic, however, the entire industry has been challenged in unexpected ways. Issues surrounding everything from operations, sourcing, supply chain, fulfillment, supply/demand,…