Gary Ballabio

Gary Ballabio

Gary Ballabio is vice president of technology partnerships at Cloudinary, the media experience platform for thousands of retail and e-commerce brands (such as Puma, Bombas, Reformation and Neiman Marcus). Gary’s experience spans sales, product management and engineering. He leads technical and business integrations with Cloudinary’s strategic partners.

Augmented Reality Unlocks Personalized Shopping Experiences

Have you ever bought a piece of furniture online only to return it not long after it arrives? What you had imagined the item to look like in your living room turned out to not meet your expectations — the colors weren’t right, it didn’t mesh well with the rest of the room, or despite…

Building Better Connections in 2022 With Personalization and UGC

The surge in e-commerce over the last couple of years contributed to a noticeable shift in consumer behavior — there’s no denying that. Instead of being drawn to in-store ambiance with décor and lighting or influenced by physical experiences with products, shoppers now make purchase decisions after engaging with imagery, video and other visual elements…