Fred Lizza

Fred Lizza
7 Ways to Improve Promotional Campaign ROI

It used to be easy to know your customers and to reach them. They read your print ads, opened your mail and browsed your catalog. It's different today. Retailers face new challenges in dealing with the many online channels to reach customers and prospects. While it's difficult for small and midsized retailers to reach their intended audience, there are also numerous opportunities. Before you embark on your next promotional campaign, consider the following steps:

5 Tips to Drive Mobile Commerce Sales

With nearly 110 million smartphone users in the U.S., mobile marketing and commerce offers a real way for retailers to grow sales and customer loyalty. By investing the time to put best practices in place, retailers can ensure they get the most out of their mobile initiatives. Consider the following best practices:

7 Tips to Fight Shopping Cart Abandonment

All businesses should take measures to attract customers, and provide a positive experience to reduce shopping cart abandonment. Here are tips retailers can utilize:

No Hiding the Truth: SMB Merchants Increasingly a Target of Fraud

It's estimated that small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) lose upwards of $66,000 annually through fraud. An increased awareness of fraud among large merchants has forced fraudsters — those individuals who perpetrate crimes against retailers — to switch their attention to small businesses that provide an easier target because of the lack of safeguards they have in place.

5 Tips to Optimize Your E-Commerce Site During the Holidays

The final six weeks of the year — Thanksgiving through Dec. 31 — are the most important for retailers, as robust sales can result in many closing their books in the black. For those who depend on an e-commerce site to deliver added holiday revenue throughout the season, ensuring that your site continues to operate effectively is of the utmost importance.