Erik D. Rosenstrauch

Erik D. Rosenstrauch

Erik Rosenstrauch is the founder, President and CEO of FUEL Partnerships, a retail marketing agency.

Erik is a proven industry leader with over three decades of experience in consumer products and retail marketing. Erik learned the art of marketing by leading some of the world’s largest retail consumer brands in TostitosÒ, CraftsmanÒ and RufflesÒ. For the past seven years, FUEL Partnerships has driven CPG Brands growth at the largest retailers such as Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Sam’s Club and more. For more information about FUEL Partnerships, visit

The Future of Retail and America in the Post-COVID World

In approaching the COVID-19 crisis from a marketer’s perspective, the question is how, not if, the world will change when the restrictions are lifted. My intuition relies on what marketers believe and researchers have proven — the repeated behavior learned during this several month crisis will form new consumer habits. In particular, we think the…

Winning the Shopper Dollar This Summer

After an extended winter for most of the country, summer is in full swing. Summer creates two major reactions for most Americans. First, it’s time to get outside and enjoy the warmth and fresh air. Second, it's time for social gatherings with friends and families at someone’s house, preferably the one with the great outdoor…