Eric Keating

Eric Keating

Eric Keating is the Vice President of Marketing at Zaius, a B2C CRM marketing platform. A go-to-market business leader, Eric is focused on helping top consumer brands grow by improving their understanding of customer behavior. Prior to joining Zaius, he was the vice president of the software-as-a-service division at Millward Brown Digital.

What B-to-C Marketers Gain From the Evolution of CRM

B-to-C marketers can only learn so much from their B-to-B counterparts. Though they're both marketers, the B-to-C sales cycles is extremely different and, as a result, the marketing processes are too. For example, if your target decision maker in B-to-B is an operations manager shopping for high-end software, you can manage your interactions with that…

Marketers Struggle to Execute Omnichannel Strategy for 2017 Holiday Season

Does your team have an omnichannel e-commerce marketing strategy? If you don’t have a fully formed strategy yet, you’re not alone. A shocking 86 percent of e-commerce marketers haven't executed a full omnichannel strategy, according to the 2017 Ecommerce Holiday Report. This seems completely counter to all the discussions going on in the e-commerce marketing…