Ericka Podesta McCoy

Ericka Podesta McCoy

Ericka Podesta McCoy is CMO of Resonate, a consumer intelligence platform that helps build strong relationships between people and brands and agencies.

New Consumer Insights: Even Virtual Gym and Delivery Subscriptions Not Immune to COVID-19 Effects

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has thrown every sector of retail into disarray, and businesses are struggling to adapt to the rapidly changing environment. Not only are consumer behaviors fundamentally shifting in light of the pandemic, but they're also prompting retailers to consider how their brand aligns to customer expectations, and how to translate this insight…

State of the Consumer: Exploring Critical Influences on Today's Shopper

The digitization of the consumer world has transformed the way people shop, respond to advertising, and purchase from particular brands. The new hyperconnected consumer has a multitude of choices that are all available instantly, if desired. In this revolutionary state, a new set of drivers is impacting buying decisions and shopping behaviors. Today, everyone is…