Eric Best

Eric Best

Eric Best is a serial entrepreneur, CEO, executive leader and 20-year commerce visionary with strategic exits to, Liberty Interactive and the public markets (NASDAQ). He was previously CSO at CommerceHub through its IPO, CEO and founder at Mercent and Morse Best Innovation, and cofounder at Impresys, Emercis, and MindCorps.

Eric is a husband, dad, swimmer, urban gardener and aspiring DJ.

A Flashy Storefront Isn't the Key to Succeeding in E-Commerce

Congratulations, you're starting an e-commerce business! Perhaps you’ve decided to set up your own storefront vs. selling through a big marketplace like or Walmart. Or you’re looking to build your own to complement a presence on those channels. Either way, having your own site is a solid move. It lets you own the customer…

The New Supply Chain: From Demand to the Doorstep

Before the rise of e-commerce, the intricacies of a complex global supply chain were mostly hidden from the consumer. Products appeared on store shelves and in the pages of catalogs seemingly by magic; the very appearance of a mail-order package on a doorstep was considered impressive in and of itself. Not so today. With each…

Shipping Smarter: Rapid Delivery and the Need to Compete

The relationship between retailers and customers has always been about proximity: the closer, the better. However, as e-commerce and digital retail continue to transform the industry, there’s a new twist to the location equation. Instead of being about the location of the brick-and-mortar store, it’s now about the location of the customer. The challenge for…