Emily Lane

Emily Lane

Emily Lane is a product evangelist at Retail Zipline, working with customers and prospects to drive store execution and engagement through better communication. Prior to Zipline, Emily spent 10 years managing store communication at major retail brands like Gap and Old Navy.

Thinking About Implementing a Compliance Checklist? Read This First.

Maybe you’re a nonessential retailer cautiously opening pockets of stores across the country. Maybe you’re an essential retailer frantically trying to adjust to this “new normal” while keeping customers and employees safe. No matter which side of the spectrum you’re on, chances are you’re probably thinking about one thing: checklists. Retailers love checklists. Store audits,…

Furloughed, But Not Forgotten

Retail is a social business, so it’s not surprising that many of us are going stir-crazy while furloughed and stuck at home. If your district or store team is your second family, you’re probably looking for ways to feel a little less isolated. Here are some fun ideas to stay engaged and help your teams…