Elsa Pedro do Souto

Elsa Pedro do Souto

Performance and efficiency are at the heart of everything I do. Inherently logical, analytical and numerate, I am a highly skilled problem solver with expertise in using data to solve complex problems, provide answers to business critical questions and support better informed decision making. In addition, I often notice opportunities to improve processes, devising more accurate models, and automating tracking and reporting systems.

In addition to this I have 10+ years of expertise in project financial management where I accurately estimate the financial resources required to deliver profitable contracts, and I ensure those projects stay within acceptable parameters. In my time in the energy sector, the projects I oversaw tended to be large, complex and valued at many millions.

I believe in developing talent and I am as enthusiastic about increasing the skills of my team as I am about my own. In a high-pressure fast-moving commercial environment, that’s what keeps us ahead.

Driving Shopper Conversion Through Data-Based Store Execution

CPG manufacturers and retailers have never had as much data and analytical solutions available as they do now. These offer seemingly endless possibilities to plan the "perfect store," but it can easily become overwhelming, especially when also considering the ever-changing retail landscape and the pace at which shopper and competitor behavior evolves. Ultimately, when planning…