Elena Librich

Elena Librich

With my 13 years of tech experience, I lead B2B SaaS products from inception to successful launch using my entrepreneurial mindset, dev expertise and UI/UX background.

I am passionate about solving complex business problems by creating products people love. I especially enjoy startup vibes of impact, ownership and growth.

I co-founded Becoming Product Managers community on Facebook to help 17K+ tech professionals navigate career dilemmas in the product world.

Rethinking the Relationship Between Browser Extensions and E-Commerce

In the past few years, browser extensions have transformed the online shopping experience. These online shopping aids offer great value and convenience, allowing savvy consumers to find the best bargains, block ads, and rapidly access product information. Despite their growing popularity, some browser extensions are still met with lukewarm responses from e-commerce professionals, who fear…

Shopping Extensions Are Here to Stay — Learn to Measure and Test Their Impact

Consumers love bargains. At the time of this writing, 12 of the 13 top Chrome extensions in the Shopping category offer some flavor of automated coupon codes, price comparisons or cashback. For consumers, these browser-based tools are a way to find the best bargains at a time of global belt-tightening. For online stores, they're a…