Eduardo Vilar

Eduardo Vilar

Eduardo Vilar is founder and CEO of Returnly, a post-purchase payments company that helps online retailers and brands bring frictionless returns to the modern shopper.

The Silver Lining of Holiday Returns

Retailers work year-round to ensure a successful peak season and drive the biggest spike they can. But as sure as night follows day, a spike in sales causes something else too: more returns. Managing the uptick in returns can be a hassle, and what’s even more difficult is watching hard-earned holiday and year-end revenue being…

Product Returns: A New Moment of Truth

Despite seeing record sales revenue recently, there’s a concerning trend in online retail that could seriously impact future growth and success for merchants. Last year, nearly two-thirds of global consumers (61 percent) felt let down by their online shopping experience, up from 47 percent in 2017. This is an enormous percentage of unhappy customers that…