Dragorad Knezi

Dragorad Knezi

Dragorad Knezi is the CEO and co-founder of eyezon.

Closing the Gap Between Creators and Brands

Today, nearly 40 percent of the video content watched in the U.S. comes not from major media companies, but independent creators. However, understanding brand investment in this market is surprisingly hard, with few good tools to track creators’ audiences and mostly soft metrics to evaluate their impact. While live commerce doesn’t provide a perfect solution…

Don’t Ban the Bots: How to Make AI and Live Commerce Work Together

Artificial intelligence-powered chatbots may be extremely common in customer service, but do they make sense for sales? Consumers seem mixed on the idea, but overall, they seem to prefer bots for uncomplicated tasks. Salesforce, for example, found that 69 percent of consumers prefer to use chatbots for getting answers to simple questions. But when people…