Dinesh Dixit

Dinesh Dixit

Dinesh Dixit, Vice President of the Account Management practice at LogiNext, sits at the intersection of clients, product and business development teams to operationalize and scale the LogiNext transportation automation platform. His direction and leadership have helped clients save millions of dollars in operational costs and provide a unique customer experience. His prior experience across Asia, Europe and North America provide a keen sense of understanding of geographical nuances and considerations, enabling hyper-growth at LogiNext.

Before his journey at LogiNext, he held leadership positions across multiple organizations, including Deloitte and Apple, and served as a trusted advisor to Fortune 100 clients across the globe. With a Master’s degree in Information Systems Management from Carnegie Mellon University, Dinesh brings a strong technology foundation to bridge the gap between business and technology teams to implement large scale organizational change.

LogiNext, under Dinesh’s leadership, has gained renown as a thought leader in the industry, moving the needle in technology and product innovations, while solving real-world problems. His focus on instituting a customer-first mindset has enabled LogiNext to understand, identify and solve some of the biggest challenges in the industry.

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