David Chen

David Chen

David Chen is co-founder and director of engineering at Orbbec 3D Technology International, Inc., a manufacturer of 3D cameras.

Retail Reset: Using 3D Technologies to Reduce Returns and Grow Online Sales

The pandemic was a reset for e-commerce as consumers turned to online shopping in droves, including demographics that were previously reluctant to buy online. However, online sales growth came with a steep drawback. U.S. customers spent a staggering $565 billion online in 2020, but approximately $102 billion of the merchandise was returned. Online returns more…

A New Dimension: How 3D Technology is Reshaping Retail

It’s said that imagination can be hampered by two-dimensional thinking. Add a third dimension, the saying goes, and all sorts of new possibilities open up. And so it is with the promise of one of the most inventive technologies available to retailers today: 3D. Driven by new cameras about the size of a AA battery…