Chris Wraight

Chris Wraight

Chris Wraight is Director of Industry Marketing at Akamai Technologies, a globally distributed intelligent edge platform.

Retailers: It’s Time to Prepare for Your Holiday Outages

As retailers ramp up their planning for the 2019 holiday season, they need to prepare for a number of factors that can negatively impact website performance. It’s not enough to simply ensure there's sufficient network capacity for the traffic they're forecasting. First and foremost is security, and preventing the debilitating performance problems, including outages, that…

5G Isn’t Here Yet: How to Leverage 4G to Create Optimal CX

Today’s headlines are bursting with promises of 5G — and now, even 6G is becoming part of the conversation. But the fact is, globally, 4G is still the name of the game and will be for quite some time, with 72 percent of networks expected to run on the fourth-generation cellular network technology through 2022.…