Christopher Lester

Christopher Lester
4 Reasons Retailers Should Use Dynamic Email Content

Retailers are always on the hunt for better ways to grab the attention of their customers. Blanketing an email subscriber list with a one-size-fits-all coupon isn’t really enough anymore. Dynamic content — content that changes based on the demographics or preferences of your subscribers — is helping retailers get customers in the door (or items…

3 Reasons to Marry Shopify and Email Marketing

Retailers are on a never-ending mission to find new and innovative ways to improve the consumer experience. Therefore, they can appreciate life hacks to help make their jobs a little easier. Integrating email marketing with Shopify is one of these helpful hacks that can make a magnitude of difference for retailers and customers alike. There are lots of great reasons to marry email marketing with Shopify, but here are three of my favorites:

3 Tips to Overcome Email Fatigue in the New Year

The start of a new year can bring many new opportunities for marketers. Unfortunately, this season of fresh starts also comes with its own set of unique challenges. Once the calendar flips to January, many consumers feel compelled to clean hypothetical house, purging clutter, conquering unhealthy habits and even opting out of emails from the brands that crammed their inboxes in December. So, how can retailers deal with this detox mode — and make sure their messages aren't lost in the New Year's clean sweep? Here are three tips to help your business overcome post-holiday subscriber email fatigue:

3 Tips to Get Your Emails Opened and Read This Holiday Season

Are you still ho-ho-hoping to connect with last-minute shoppers this holiday season? You're not alone. Many retailers are looking to cash in on procrastinating consumers. Unfortunately, the closer we get to the holidays, the more difficult it is to gain inbox traction. Consider the following three tips:

4 Ways Retailers Can Court Email Subscribers

As retailers, we're on a constant quest to connect with new customers - and whether you operate a brick and mortar storefront or base your business on e-commerce, a high-performing email database is one of the best tools in your sales arsenal.

5 Email Strategies to Boost Holiday Sales

It might be hard to think about Christmas when you need SPF 1,000 to survive being outside right now, but now is the time to start building your email list and nurturing subscribers to get ready for the holiday shopping season. Here are five tips for using email marketing to make sure your business is on your customers’ "nice list," enabling you to sell more product this holiday season: