Chris Ryan

Chris Ryan

Christopher Ryan is senior fraud solutions consultant, decision analytics, North America, at Experian. He delivers expertise that helps clients make the most from data, technology and investigative resources to combat and mitigate fraud risks across the industries that Experian serves. Ryan provides clients with strategies that reduce losses attributable to fraudulent activity. He has an impressive track record of stopping fraud in retail banking, auto lending, deposits, consumer and student lending sectors, and government identity proofing. Ryan is a subject matter expert in consumer identity verification, fraud scoring and knowledge-based authentication. His expertise is his ability to understand fraud issues and how they impact customer acquisition, customer management and collections. He routinely helps clients review workflow processes, analyze redundancies and identify opportunities for process improvements. Ryan recognizes the importance of products and services that limit fraud losses, balancing expense and the customer impact that can result from trying to prevent fraud.

A New Threat for Retailers: The Rise of the Synthetic Shopper

While the rapid rise of e-commerce has generated additional revenue for many retailers, it’s also brought additional challenges. The increased fraud risk and merchant liability for online transactions create a cautious environment filled with costly review processes, poor customer experiences, and lost sales. Merchant concerns are not unfounded, as global e-commerce fraud losses are projected…

Two Sides of the Identity Equation for Retailers

Retailers are strongly committed to leveraging innovative technology to create a meaningful experience for their customers — particularly as more customers interact with them digitally. Think about all of the companies that enable you to order items online and pick them up in-store, order food through mobile apps, and/or watch video via streaming services. These…