Chris Lucas

Chris Lucas

Chris Lucas is the VP of Marketing at Indianapolis, IN-based Formstack, a robust platform that helps users of all industries better engage with their customers and manage data.

What’s the X Factor in A/B Testing?

Sometimes marketing can feel a little bit like a science experiment. You get an idea, make a plan, put it in action, test it, and see if it you’ve found the secret formula. Of course, the truth is there’s no secret formula. In reality, the biggest X factor in achieving success through your A/B testing…

How Retailers Can Leverage Vanity Metrics vs. Actionable Metrics

Page views, likes, full shopping carts … we all love numbers that prove our website is popular. The problem is that much of this data can be classified as vanity metrics. Unfortunately, vanity metrics don't provide real insight into the success of your website. For better analysis, turn to actionable metrics instead. Actionable metrics are numbers that help you understand why customers are behaving the way they do. Recent research shows that only 44 percent of marketers use analytics to make decisions. Use actionable metrics to analyze past customer behavior and to shape how future customers interact with your website.