Chris Gerbig

Chris Gerbig

Chris Gerbig is Co-Founder, President and COO of Pink Lily, one of the fastest-growing online retailers of women’s clothing in the US.

Your Growth Checklist: 5 Dimensions of Scalability

When an ambitious entrepreneur or leader launches a retail business — whether e-commerce or brick-and-mortar — one of the first and most pressing considerations should always be scalability. Specifically, this translates to the potential for a product, structure or process to stretch to meet the size and scale of the given customer landscape. As business…

5 Ways to Improve Your Inventory Management

Like most other retail leaders, I know that inventory management matters. I knew that even before I started my business or had any experience in the industry. It’s just an obvious necessity for managing a retail business. However, I didn’t truly understand the supreme importance of the practice and the ramifications it could have across…