Charles Nicholls

Charles Nicholls
Retargeted Advertising: Measure, Mix and Move (Fast)!

On average, 97 percent of website visitors don't buy, and of those who leave without making a purchase, only 8 percent will return to buy later. If you can nudge those that don't buy and get them back to the site, however, they're nine times more likely to make a purchase than a first-time visitor. This is compelling math that shows why remarketing works so well. Nudge those who don't buy and get them to return. The more they return, the more likely they are to buy.

The Remarketing Triple Play: Remind, Reassure, Promote

Remarketing uses website visitors’ on-site behaviors to trigger specific campaigns such as emails and retargeted advertisements. When done right, it elevates marketing from irrelevant noise into personal service, extending and differentiating the retailer and stimulating purchases. In fact, it's been shown that two times to three times more site abandoners will buy when remarketed to, making remarketing a powerful tool in a marketer's arsenal.

How to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates

The single biggest reason why consumers abandon their shopping carts is because of shipping and handling charges. While you may not be able to offer permanent sitewide free shipping, it is well worth digging into your shipping costs. Simply put: reduce them and you’ll sell more.