Caroline Klatt

Caroline Klatt

Caroline Klatt is CEO and co-founder of Headliner Labs, an end-to-end chatbot platform for intelligent e-commerce bots. 

4 Tips to More Effective Chat Marketing

Traditionally, on-site chat widgets were used to target two ends of the e-commerce funnel: web visitors with general questions, and purchasers with customer service needs. But with the turn of 2018, what was once mainly just “hype” regarding artificial intelligence, chatbots, and their potential has now turned into an evergreen solution for marketers. Chat boasts…

5 Ways to Build a Chatbot That Closes Sales for Your Brand

Chatbots are increasingly being developed and used by innovative retail brands to do everything from recommending products, assisting with tracking purchases, providing customer service and disseminating key information. Here are the five most important chatbot development practices: 1. Deploy on messaging platforms. Chatbots can live wherever your brand has a digital presence, and the prevailing…