Burak Ciflikli

Burak Ciflikli

Burak Ciflikli is the COO of Jotform, a popular online form builder that’s on a mission to make organizations more productive and people’s lives easier.

3 Ways to Use Purchase Orders to Get Your Business Through Supply Chain Disruption

Managing inventory well is one of the most important ways to ensure the success of your business. With supply chain disruptions happening across every industry due to the pandemic, effective inventory management is more important than ever. Purchase orders are among the most powerful tools for mastering inventory management, tracking inventory, and maintaining strong retailer-vendor relationships. A purchase order is a legally binding document that outlines…

How to Find an E-Commerce Platform That Grows With You

E-commerce was taking the retail world by storm long before COVID-19. However, once the pandemic hit, brick-and-mortar stores closed their doors in a matter of weeks to protect customers and employees — a move that made e-commerce a business necessity. Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to set up an e-commerce platform. However, what’s important to some retailers…