Bruce Fair

Bruce Fair

Bruce Fair is the Chief Revenue Officer of MetaPack, an e-commerce delivery management software.

Building a Successful Delivery Strategy in Europe

For U.S. retailers and brands looking to expand globally and grow their revenue, Europe is very attractive. The e-commerce market is worth over $602 billion, with Western Europe accounting for approximately 68 percent of total European online retail turnover. Europe offers cross-border retailers access to over 500 million consumers and, unlike the U.S., is not…

Survey Says: The Role of Delivery is Critical in Customer Loyalty

How does the delivery experience impact customer loyalty? According to recent MetaPack research of more than 3,500 consumers in North America and Europe, if retailers get the basics right, enable customers to curate their own deliveries, and meet their needs and interests quickly, customers will reward them with long-term commitment and repeat orders. Findings of…