Brooke Patton

Brooke Patton

Brooke Patton is a research content specialist at GutCheck, a global, agile market research firm based out of Denver.

How and Why Retail Brands Should Use Augmented Reality

Many brands are beginning to understand the definition and impact of augmented reality (AR). The ability for AR to be significantly more engaging than any other technology by creating a multisensory experience can help brands develop a deeper relationship with consumers. As a result, the gaming and entertainment industries are adopting AR solutions at a…

3 E-Commerce Tips for Apparel Retailers

While online and offline shopping journeys are becoming increasingly intertwined, in many cases due to the omnichannel nature of consumers, retailers are struggling to understand how this defines consumer segments and what influences the shopper journey online the most. The apparel industry, in particular, is straddling both sides of this omnichannel approach. For those focused…