Brian Irish

Brian Irish

Brian Irish is VP of Marketing at Bell & Howell, an innovative services and technology solutions provider.


What Really Makes a Superior BOPIS Online Experience?

The retail climate in the U.S. is analogous to the rise of social media: omni-present, fast-paced and powerful. Consumers’ shopping habits are migrating away from shopping exclusively in-store or online to a cross-pollination of the two worlds. A customer can now see a sponsored ad on their social feed, use the ad’s promo code in…

BOPIS Leaders Create Speedy Experiences to Keep Customers Coming Back

In today’s evolving retail climate, consumers are straying from shopping exclusively in-store or online. Instant gratification, control and face-to-face customer experiences entice consumers to still shop in physical stores. Yet, the convenience of online shopping was a primary factor in e-commerce sales increasing by 15 percent in 2018. As customers  incorporate both shopping methods into…