Brandon Ginsberg

Brandon Ginsberg

Brandon Ginsberg is the CEO of ApparelMagic, the industry’s top apparel management software favored by multinational fashion brands and niche labels alike. Under Ginsberg’s leadership, ApparelMagic provides powerful end-to-end business solutions to apparel companies worldwide.

Though Brandon Ginsberg is recognized today as a leading expert at the intersection of fashion and technology, his background is not your typical executive success story. It begins in high school when he started working for ApparelMagic at just fifteen years old.

As a young teenager, Ginsberg offered tech support to ApparelMagic’s founder, John Murphy. Ginsberg’s enthusiasm and tech-savvy did not go unnoticed. When Ginsberg turned seventeen, Murphy tapped him to help revamp their legacy software, an easy decision given Ginsberg’s coding proficiency and knack for providing sound strategic counsel at a young age.

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