Brad Paterson

Brad Paterson

Brad Paterson is the CEO of Splitit, a global payments company that’s reimagining the shopping experience with interest-free installment payments to help businesses grow and improve affordability and flexibility for shoppers.

Recapturing the E-Commerce Holiday Shopper

Despite the sweeping changes the pandemic has made to our economy, today’s e-commerce brands are well-positioned to capture — or recapture — shoppers just in time for the holiday shopping season. During the pandemic, retail giants such as and Walmart reported astounding growth in e-commerce sales as consumers used online shopping as their new…

How to Cut Cart Abandonment in the Time of COVID

As retailers adjust to the ever-changing landscape and shifting consumer spending behaviors due to COVID-19, getting the most out of every sale becomes a crucial strategy. Now, retailers not only need to drive shoppers to their e-commerce site, but once there, really need to maximize efforts to encourage greater sales, repeat shopping, and decreased cart…