Ben Freedman

Ben Freedman

Ben Freedman is the CEO of Boomerang, a platform transforming returns from an inconvenience to an asset for e-commerce brands. Previous to Boomerang, Ben worked for several years in UPS’s Corporate Strategy Group, was then Jet’s fourth supply chain employee and then managed a $650 million supply chain for Walmart.

Recouping Product Value: How Retailers Can Regain the 66% Product Value Lost During the Returns Process

Returns without technology solutions currently lose 66 percent of product value. Between wages, transportation, merchandise value loss and disposition loss, this totals about $65.50 per item on the average e-commerce order. Due to record fuel prices and supply chain disruptions, some major retailers are even considering letting customers keep their returns and refunding them regardless…

Brands Look to Return Pickup to Stay Competitive in E-Commerce Space

In an era when food, groceries, barns and ultimately anything is delivered on-demand to consumers' doorsteps, why are we just starting to see return pickup offered? Even major retailers like and Walmart have only started offering return pickup recently. It seems like a simple offering, but with weight and size restrictions, varying distances from…