Avi Geller

Avi Geller

Avi Geller is the founder and CEO of Maven Machines. Since 2014, Avi has led Maven’s growth as an IoT platform that serves the transportation industry through real-time, mobile cloud enterprise software. Avi originally hails from Palo Alto, California, but started Maven in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania due to the city’s impressive innovation and technology resources. Prior to founding Maven, he held international positions with SAP and contributed to the growth of several successful software companies and startups. Avi also has an engineering degree from MIT and an MBA from Northwestern University.

Fleet Management Technology: Driving Freight Efficiency and Safety

Prior to 2020, the gradual shift from brick-and-mortar to e-commerce shopping had already begun. The pandemic, however, accelerated this shift as more consumers elected to shop online. The U.S. e-commerce forecast had online sales growing by double digits — 17.9 percent year-over-year — in 2021. Online sales were forecast to reach $933.30 billion last year, accounting for…

Will Santa and His Truck-Driving Elves Need Delivery Help This Holiday Season?

A projected rise in e-commerce and retail demand for the 2021 holiday shopping season has put Santa’s elves on notice. Spending on online shopping has hit more than $933 billion — up 17.9 percent year-over-year — and brick-and-mortar retail spending will reach nearly $5.15 trillion, a 6.3 percent increase according to the US Economic Forecast 2021.…