Ari Weil

Ari Weil

Ari Weil is the Global VP of Product and Industry Marketing at Akamai Technologies, a cloud and enterprise security solutions provider.

When Chrome Isn’t Chrome, and What it Means for Retailers

The global digital commerce market — slated to reach nearly $6 trillion by 2022 — shows no signs of slowing. This past holiday shopping season, retailers saw the strongest sales growth in the last six years, with online spending up 19.1 percent compared to 2017. While this is a massive opportunity for retailers to get a…

3 Lessons Learned From Retail’s Most Successful Shopping Season in History

By now, you’ve heard of the resounding success of the 2017 retail holiday shopping season that shattered countless records. Black Friday and Cyber Monday generated more than $11.5 billion in revenue, while Cyber Monday became the largest online shopping day in U.S. history. To help guide retailers looking to replicate that prosperity in 2018, our…