Apu Gupta

Apu Gupta

Apu Gupta is the co-founder and CEO of Curalate, the leading Social Commerce company with offices in Philadelphia, New York, Seattle, and London. Prior to launching Curalate, Apu was COO & CMO at MedPlus Health Services. Under his leadership, MedPlus raised $25MM in venture funding and became the second largest pharmacy chain in India. Apu was also an early employee of WebEx from its Series A through IPO. Apu holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Texas, Austin and a MBA from the Wharton School of Business. Apu has been recognized as an E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year in the Emerging Entrepreneur category and is a Fellow in the Aspen Institute’s Henry Crown Fellowship program.

What We Mean by ‘Social Commerce’ Needs to Change; Let’s Clarify the Definition

There aren’t many conversations I have where I’m not asked a variation of this question: “What’s the future of social commerce look like?” Before I even answer, though, I level-set on what social commerce means. The term “social commerce,” it seems, has become shorthand for “making an Instagram feed shoppable.” And so I spend a…

How Lilly Pulitzer Boosts Branding With Social Insight

Most marketers in the fashion or retail space know how critical it is to tie social efforts to quantitative results. Yet many still develop initiatives around products, concepts or messages they're trying to promote, as opposed to needs their customers want to fulfill. Don't be fooled. Creativity may win industry awards, but marketers need to ask themselves how that translates to sales. Lilly Pulitzer, a household name in the resort-wear category, is the quintessential customer-centric brand, building a playbook filled not only with innovative ideas, but also insight to support them.

3 Ways Retailers Can Visually Prepare for the Holidays, Both Online and Offline

The holiday shopping season is here. And I'm not just talking about those obnoxious pre-Thanksgiving Christmas decorations. I'm talking about your customers, who are flocking to the visual web (see Pinterest and Instagram) to prep holiday season wish lists and find gift inspiration. Have you made your list of how to best optimize your digital efforts for those customers, but not yet checked it twice? Don't worry, there's still time! Here are three ways retailers can visually ensure their products are at the top of consumers’ wish lists during this holiday season: