Antony Francis

Antony Francis

Antony Francis is an internationally recognized expert in Supply Chain and Logistics. He has a deep understanding of fulfillment operations, e-commerce (B2B & B2C), returns processing and product repair. He has an outstanding IT background leveraging cloud based and IoT technology for customer benefit.

He was also a successful business leader with proven ability to direct corporate strategy from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies and has significant experience in both full-time and interim management, restructuring and turn-around of operations and in growing start-ups. Well versed in positioning / messaging of company service offerings and in lead generation/pipeline development programs to expand revenue channels; he has a broad 6 Sigma and Lean/5S background in eliminating costs, improving production performance, and increasing revenues. Deep knowledge of DLT/Blockchain workflow processes.

He is adept at developing, nurturing and mentoring teams to drive forward with passion and conviction. An experienced board member, he has extensive international experience with deep understanding of other cultures. Bilingual English/French. U.S. Citizen.

How Retailers Can Avoid Supply Chain Woes by Fixing 3 Common Digital Breakages

Increasing digitalization has had a huge impact on our economy, and retailers’ supply chains are no exception. For example, new digitized shipment documentation, cargo visibility, inventory management, customer service and other supply chain process data streams are more efficient and accurate than the manual processes they replaced. However, many of these data streams are poorly…